SoundNote: Note taking on iPad

  • Posted by Rich Shivener
  • April 14, 2011 4:34 PM PDT
Developed by David Estes, SoundNote is the simplest of the four note taking apps we're discussing in today's roundup. It's such simplicity that makes it less conducive to distracted writing, or time spent fiddling with fonts, page layout or handwriting styles. You simply type, handwrite and record, accessing your notes among a time-stamped list. Deletes are less than three taps away.
For this review, let's consider the app's feature that speaks to its namesake - sound recording. The feature lines the top of every "document" you create, including a Record button to the right and a Play button to the left.
You can record, stop, and continue recording from the stop point, but you cannot record over the audio file, nor can you delete the audio from the note. Sound a little troubling? It might be to some users, but you can copy-paste the text and begin a new document. Easy.
In addition, the audio and text are separate files (mp4 and PDF, respectively) when you export the document to an email. The app has a doc-only export option, too, and "File Sharing," which syncs docs with DropBox or gives you a unique URL for access to the doc. Again, easy.
And again, we recommend using this app for simple note taking. Of course, this will work for lectures and class discussions, but it seems great for music lessons, too. (See our photos for an example.) A teacher could use it to record a lesson, scribble down notes and export the day's files to the student for homework. Rinse and repeat for similar educational settings.
Did we mention it's easy?
SoundNote is available for $4.99 on the App Store.