A Checklist For New Members

  • Posted by Chris Brewer
  • July 19, 2011 6:06 AM PDT

Welcome to the new MacLearning Community.

In this "Web 2.0" world, we recognize that all of you are connected in a variety of sites and communicate through a range of tools. This new community acts as a meeting place that you can visit regularly to meet and converse with other education professionals around the world.

Please take a moment to accomplish the following tasks so that members worldwide can learn more about you:

Manage Your Profile

  1. Take a look at your MacLearning profile and begin to improve it. Think about the "brand of me" as you create your profile and convey who you are as an education professional - advocate, advisor, ambassador and author. Be sure to add a current photo. This user image will appear in your profile, your posts and in any content you author via a link to your profile. And it's just a great way to see who your peers are across this huge global group. And change this photo as often as you like.
  2. Add a biography. A simple yet informative biography helps other community members understand your background and areas of interest. Change this as often as you like.
  3. And finally, remember - this profile is your public face on MacLearning. Please keep the addresses and contact information current, as well as any changes to new schools, job titles, etc. Check it regularly, as the MacLearning site itself is changing.

Explore the MacLearning Community

  1. Visit the Forum. Ask questions. Answer questions. Share your valuable insight and commentary. 
  2. Visit the "Members" page in the MacLearning Community menu to access profiles, member maps and more.
  3. Read our growing list of articles. Suggest new article ideas, or write your own!
  4. Subscribe to MacLearning's growing webcast library, and tune in when new webcasts are announced.
  5. Get involved. Create content. Engage in forums. Make friends. Comment. Share. This new site is deliberately a simple framework - waiting for members to create content, ask questions and share ideas.
We welcome your feedback!