• Posted by Marilyn Pahr
  • October 6, 2011 6:03 AM PDT

Notes Plus is a note-taking tool that supports handwriting, typing and audio recording. It offers close-up writing mode for small text, shape auto-detection, palm handling, folder structure, PDF exporting, emailing, Google Docs uploading and more.

The good: This feature-rich application offers users multiple ways to take notes – you can use one method or any combination – your finger, a stylus, the keyboard or audio. There are lots of choices in fonts, colors and shapes and also 5 different paper types including staff notes.

The bad: Finicky and inconsistent – not always responsive to touch.

The bottom line:
Notes Plus lets you take notes the way you always did before – it doesn’t force you to change your style – you can even doodle! But, you do need to take the time to go through the tutorial and spend time practicing if you want to take advantage of all the features. It’s not “out of the box bliss” but Version 3 is on the horizon.

The info:

The Full Review: Who doesn’t go to meetings and take notes – or at least doodle? This app gives you a the ability to take notes as you always did but without having to carry around different notebooks or back of the envelope drawings. You can set up individual notebooks and folders to keep yourself organized.

You can begin by using your finger, a stylus or the keyboard and can switch from one to the other within any notebooks. The toolbox gives you pen, paper and text options. Need to include shapes in your notes? Just sketch a shape and the auto-detect feature displays letting you draw that perfect circle, triangle, etc.


Want to record a section of the meeting? Just click on the microphone icon – recordings are kept in a separate folder and also attached to the page. To playback from the page, just click on the play button. Not all of this is intuitive so you do need to review the built-in tutorial and practice. There are inconsistencies and responsiveness issues that make using this app a bit frustrating at times.


Once you’re done taking your notes, you can make it “read only”, password protect it or export it as an image or PDF file to iTunes, Google Docs or email it.


There is a new version coming out soon that should address some of the lack of consistency in responsiveness. New features will include cloud sync with Dropbox and Evernote, PDF annotation, impage import and cut and paste. Need to pass note? – on and off-line collaboration will be added.

The developer is also working on an in-app purchase upgrade for handwriting recognition through PhatWare.