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  • Apple To Release An iPhone With Facial Recognition

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    With the latest advancement in mobile technology, our cell phones that used to be just for calling and texting are now providing us with futuristic features such as eye tracking and fingerprint scanning innovations. ...
  • Apple launches iTunes U twitter feed

    Apple today announced the creation of a twitter feed specifically dedicated iTunes U. You can follow iTunes U on twitter at @iTunesU.
  • The Coming eTextbook Revolution in Higher Education

    An analysis of the potential of eTextbooks in higher education with a proposed strategy and tactics for fully leveraging the advantages on behalf of college and university students, faculty and administrators.
  • Referencing iTunesU content by URL

    We've loaded iTunesU with all our great content. Now we want to surface that content elsewhere.
    Notes on referencing iTunesU content (feeds and files) within iTunesU, and on web pages outside of iTunesU. That is, how to avoid duplicating ...
  • SoundConverter: A New Tool in My Belt

    Do you deal with audio files that inevitably need to be converted between formats? In this app review, Chris Brewer takes a look at SoundConverter.
  • Answers to Four Questions about iTunes U

    In this screencast, I address four common questions faculty have about iTunes U. The questions are:
    What is iTunes U?
    How do you access iTunes U?...  more
  • Clean backgrounds for screencasts

    When I get the urge to create a quick screencast, I usually have a bunch of windows open and 10,000 icons on my desktop. Though I want a nice clean background for my screencast to properly highlight the content I want to capture, I rarely want to make ...
  • Believe the Hype: HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript animations with no coding!

    Apple has made quite a bit of noise around HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Indeed, Apple's view of the web using these three technologies threatens to unseat Adobe Flash as the go-to technology for providing simple web-based animation and other interactive...
  • Digital Storytelling Feedback

    Editor's Note: This is a follow-up to a previous article, Digital Storytelling and the Learning Pathway.
    Digital storytelling involves the narration of a story using audio, images and/or video. Over time, “digital storytelling” has not o...
  • Thoughts on Updating to the New Public Site Manager

    Our first iTunes U site was published in September of 2006, before Apple developed policy and documentation on how to best organize content within iTunes U. Because the majority of Seattle Pacific University content made available on iTunes U at...