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  • So You Want iPads For Your School? Is that Enough?

    New devices promise to revolutionize education but they will have little impact unless their use is consistent with pedagogical approaches that address 21st century learning needs.
  • Everything I Need To Know - About Education - I Learned In Kindergarten

    Educational reform? Most of the "revolutionary" educational changes that many of us have been calling for have already been around for quite a while - just talk a stroll down to the Kindergarten classes.
  • Making the Case for Student Controlled Devices

    Do schools demand too much control of student technology use? If we know anything about the world outside school it's that it requires an ability to adapt to change. We insist that modern life requires graduates that are experienced, independent learners....  more
  • Building an Effective School BYOD Policy

    The convergence of two major educational trends - a desire for increasing use of technology in schools and slashes in educational budgets - have brought the issue of a "Bring Your Own Device" policy to the forefront of educational debates. Implementing w...  more
  • Supplementing Textbooks with Student Constructed Knowledge Bases

    While the Apple eTextBooks initiative is a wonderful stride forward from our old paper textbooks it’s still essentially a re-constituted content delivery system that wasn’t designed or intended to change the one-way process of educational exchanges. Relia...  more