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  • Apple To Release An iPhone With Facial Recognition

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    With the latest advancement in mobile technology, our cell phones that used to be just for calling and texting are now providing us with futuristic features such as eye tracking and fingerprint scanning innovations. ...
  • Pear Note Review

    Pear Note is a $40 Mac-only application from Useful Fruit designed specifically for taking notes while watching a presentation. Now, you could of course do that with a text editor or even Word.
    So what makes Pear Note special is...
  • Entrenar E-learning Tool
    Easy to use e-learning platform v mac friendly
  • New MacLearning-inspired iBook

    Writing an article in MacLearning can lead to interesting experiences.
  • Amazing collaboration between a University and K-12 through iTunes U

    Lynn University leverages iTunesU to enhance K-12 curriculum.
  • Apple launches iTunes U twitter feed

    Apple today announced the creation of a twitter feed specifically dedicated iTunes U. You can follow iTunes U on twitter at @iTunesU.
  • iOS Management = Confused

    iOS management is convoluted and confusing. Apple’s fan boy mantra, “it just works” is actually the antithesis of my experience. It isn’t all thorns in my side; there are some useful features Apple’s provided, especially i...
  • Reflecting on iPhoto for iOS

    Reviewing iPhoto for iOS has proven to be a difficult task for me. The reason, though, is fairly simple. Essentially the iOS iPhoto app has a simple, easy-to-use interface, offers a comprehensive set of functions, and does a nice job, but it isn’...
  • Institutional Apps With Limited Resources - What Are Your Options

    In higher education, we are constantly battling for state dollars. Budget cuts loom, and ultimately resources are scarce - especially for new initiatives and technologies. So what happens when your audience wants more than you are able to provide? Do w...
  • So You Want iPads For Your School? Is that Enough?

    New devices promise to revolutionize education but they will have little impact unless their use is consistent with pedagogical approaches that address 21st century learning needs.