Upcoming Webcasts

We're pleased to announce the following upcoming free webcasts. As the dates draw closer, we'll publish registration info for you to participate. As always, participants will be able to ask questions of the presenters during the webcast.



Stay tuned!



Archived Webcasts

Webcasts are archived and distributed through Duke University's iTunes U site. Below you will find 5 different collections.


MacLearning Webcasts

MacLearning webcast archives contain videos from recent webcasts all the way back to 2006. A wide range of topics are represented.

All MacLearning Webcasts


iTunes U Webcasts

The iTunes U webcast collection consists of four webcasts providing an overview of iTunes U, information about integrating internal iTunes U sites, iTunes U in the iTunes Store, and introduces the (then) new iTunes U Public Site Manager.

iTunes U Webcasts


AcademiX Conference Webcasts

The AcademiX 2009 and AcademiX 2010 collections hold videos of presentations made at those conferences.

AcademiX 2009 Webcasts

AcademiX 2010


iTunes U Munich Conference

The iTunes U Munich Conference collection contains seven case study presentations from iTunes U content providers.

iTunes U Munich Conference